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Lisa is very inspiring.  She has a very calming voice and she helped me with meditating.  She is a very powerful healer and has helped my sister and I with inner child healing.  She has many gifts.  Simone S

The Light Language Sessions are a great tool to add to your arsenal of healing techniques when you have exhausted your other resources and are still feeling stuck.  

It doesn't take very long and requires less effort than meditation or other tools when you can not seem to calm your mind like I often have trouble doing.  It is great in helping 

you move past things and feel unstuck.  Often times when I feel stuck and can not move past it I get frustrated and give up.  That is when I sometimes fall away from my practice.

This is great for helping get you back on track! Shae G

I was really struggling with surrendering everything in my life.  I booked an appointment with Lisa to get some assistance moving through this.  Lisa provided me with a Light Language session.  I had never had light language used on me before and did not know what to expect.  In this session, she discovered that I had some areas that were stuck back in my childhood.  Over the course of thirty minutes she released everything that was holding me in place.  I felt so much relief!  My mind and body both have been clear since the session and I have been able to surrender more deeply into my life.  It was the most beautiful and easy healing session I have ever experienced.  I highly recommend Lisa's Light Language Sessions if you are looking for a way to move through anything you happen to be stuck on in your life. Wende F.

I loved the divine feminine class. Lisa provides a safe comfortable atmosphere that you can really be yourself and let yourself go to the healing. Working with all the symbols was amazing and I found they really helped me to connect more to my divine feminine and to help me hold space for myself. The new energy that was brought in was amazing, literally got chills from it. Thank you Lisa for the wonderful experience and some new tools to help me on my spiritual journey.  Ashley S.

A year ago I took a course for Women to balance the Divine Masculine and learn how to call in the right Male partner, as well as how to show up for him. Little did I realize a year later Lisa's Divine Feminine course would present itself to me. Feeling that balance is a key part of healing and maintaining wellness (physically, emotionally and spiritually), I was eagar to sign up for Lisa's course. I have had many profound changes come about in my life the past few months and had been feeling out of balance with my Divine Feminine. During this course, I was reminded that it is safe for me to embrace my Femininity and not have to hold so tightly onto the Masculine, which I was overriding on internally and externally. I now feel more comfortable standing in my Divine Feminine, though I still have a ways to go with healing and awakening. I am continuing the practices Lisa gave during the course and integrating those into my daily rituals. Thank you so much, Lisa, for holding this space and bringing forth Divine Feminine healing. I highly recommend this course to any Women looking to balance and bring forth their Divine Feminine. Much love, gratitude and many blessings.  Lor Myers

Lisa has helped me on my healing journey so much. Through our sessions on past lives, and inner child integration I have learned so much about myself.  when you have a healer who can help other healers be more in tune with themselves, so they can in turn help others is an amazing gift to have.  I highly recommend seeing her for any healing you are seeking. Amy S

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