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We all resist change!

We're constantly changing, evolving and growing!  

A lot of times that comes with big resistance.

My work as a Priestess and 5D Energy worker can help you move through that resistance.  With the help of my spiritual team and yours we clear the energy that is holding you from embracing the change and transformation you are seeking.

If you're looking to be more in touch with yourself, more aligned, empowered in your way of living, join me!

Whether that looks like a one time energy session, multiple coaching sessions or stepping fully into yourself with the Divine Feminine Pathway 90 day transformation, there is something for everyone looking for their inner flow!

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About Moon Over Pisces

  • Lisa has been in touch with Spirit her entire life, consciously stepping on her path 12 years ago. Lisa really began owning the power of her High Priestess role after taking a Priestess initiation and realizing that she was already a Priestess. Her knowledge is the culmination of many lifetimes of learning.

    Last fall after a particularly difficult weekend of working through a healing opportunity, Lisa sat down at her altar and channeled the Divine Feminine Healing System. This made her realize how disconnected she was with her own Divine Feminine, beginning an 8-month journey to heal this part of herself.

    As she worked through her healing, Lisa knew in her soul that she needed to help other women integrate and heal all parts of their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. She is teaching  other women along their journey to experience a deeper connection to self, as well as to integrate spiritual energy into their daily lives.


Located in Chatham, Ontario