Thanks for being here!  We're making some big changes over the next month so bear with us! All of our services, products and courses are undergoing some change and that can cause some chaos but with that chaos comes magic.  Watch for it!

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Divine Feminine Balance System

How do you want to rewrite your stories?

Join us in this exclusive Divine Feminine Balance system if you want to gain more clarity, honesty and to have the space to explore new emotions and new possibilities.  This healing modality moves your mindset in new ways and allows us to balance both the Divine Masculine AND the Divine Feminine within.

Find out more under our Book Online menu.  If you are interested in becoming a practitioner join our mailing list to be notified of our new dates.  Next round of online courses will be starting Feb 17, 2021.  There will be an opportunity for a very small group to work in person with me in March 2021!  We hope you find the love within yourself to start your healing journey.

Divine Feminine Dark Mystery School

The global quantum fields are changing.  You can see it and you know you need to do something to change yourself and your current paradigm.  This journey from the light, through the shadow and into the BlackLight will change you.  It will change your life and it will change how you operate in the new quantum fields.  

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Available both online and in person we are proud to offer Divine Feminine Balancing System, Coaching  Past Life Regression.

Not certain if working with me is for you?  Book a Discovery Call and we can talk about what that can look like.

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Love our services and want to take your healing or practice to a new level? Experience the power of learning and expanding your knowledge through our constantly growing list online courses. 

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Join one of our memberships to gain access to the Divine Feminine Dark Mystery School. Take the journey from light, through the shadow and into the BlackLight.

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From crystals and EO products to jewellery and incense, our shop offers all of your favorite spiritual and wellness supplies.

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About Moon Over Pisces

Here at Moon Over Pisces we believe it is time for us to come together in unity to understand the depth and power of who we truly are.

 With 11 years of experience in working with energies and becoming an ascension expert,  Lisa  brings a unique take on healing and raising the collective consciousness. She strives to be the coach that she wanted when she started her journey.  Having both her sun and moon in Pisces, Lisa chose the name Moon Over Pisces to reflect the heart song of all her offerings, embracing and balancing duality.

Located in Chatham, Ontario



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