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Spiritual Tools Bootcamp

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or just plain mad?  Do you feel like you need a change but not really sure where to make it?

Do you simply want some help to take your life to the next level?

Let's talk about how Spiritual Tools Bootcamp can work for you.

All the Tools!

One on One private coaching

Spiritual Tools Bootcamp is 6 weeks to your spiritual transformation.

You've been meditating and doing some basic energy work but you want to take it to a whole new level.

With Spiritual Tools Bootcamp you receive deep energy healing sessions channeled and customized just for you.

We illuminate the deep shadow pieces and get you ready for your next level.

If you're feeling like you need to make a change but don't really know where to begin, this set of sessions is for you.  We go deep into whatever area of your life you want to heal the most.

This program is 6 – 2 hour sessions, all personalized just for you. It is designed to help you open your heart, your mind and your abilities as a healer.  We dive deep into your shadow and work on specific areas you want to learn about or heal.  You will also have email access to me anytime as well as access to my library of personal resources. 

I will ask you questions you never thought of, release old stuck stagnant energies from childhood, past lives and even from your family tree!

If you're tired of carrying the baggage of the third dimension and ready to move into the ascended fifth dimension, let's chat!

Book your Application Call Today!

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