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Block Therapy

Block Therapy Sampler Program

This is an introductory program that shows you how to get started for only $9!

Block Therapy Starter Program

Purchase your first block here and get access to the starter classes!

Deanna's Fascia Book

Learn more about your fascia in Block Therapy founder Deanna's book!

Block Therapy on YouTube

Learn more on the Block Therapy YouTube channel with lots of free content!

What is Block Therapy?

Block Therapy is a simple movement program that allows you to connect to your breath and your body.

It helps release the fascia that surrounds your muscles.  The fascia actually pulls your body in towards the centre, which is why so many people are hunched over as they age.

Block Therapy helps release this tension in the body, creating room for your organs, bones and muscles to move more freely. It also helps you learn to breathe much more freely. I've been personally using this system for a short time and the results I'm seeing are phenomenal.

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Your Health

Your optimal health is important to help overcome stress and anything else that life throws at us.  We here at Moon Over Pisces are always looking for ways to bring your mind, body and soul together so you can be your most amazing you!

Founder Lisa is always searching for amazing self care tools to help in her own spiritual journey and loves to share when she finds exciting new ideas that help with all around health!

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